Phonics Games

We are building some new exciting ways to make learning phonics fun. Feel free to play our free phonics games below.
We are hoping to add more phonics games in the near future.

Astronaut or Alien? Find pseudo words for the alien.

The Astronaut and Alien are looking for word to take back to their planets. Find pseudo alien words and proper words from all the phases.


Begins with Bonanza! Find the phoneme a picture begins with.

Help the parrot win treasure by matching the picture with the phoneme it begins with.


Bella the Builder. Help Bella build words to build her house.

Bella is trying to build her house. Can you help Bella to build it by building the words she reads aloud?


Balloon Pop! Find the phoneme before the balloon flies away.

Guess the phoneme and catch the hot air balloon before it flies away.


Word Racer. Race to the finish line by reading the words.

Spot the High Frequency Words to complete the race.


Banana Wordarama! Read the words to feed the monkey.

Select your phoneme and practise words that contain the phoneme.