We have been building Phonics Tracker over the last few years after a successful proof of concept trial in a handful of local schools up here in and around Newcastle. Having realised the time and effort required to monitor children's progress in Chris' Year 1/2 class for Phonics, Chris set to work creating a solution that would save him time in the classroom. Working with Paul, they quickly expanded and developed the idea rolling out across the UK and indeed the world.

We want to let teachers teach and we are mad about Phonics.

We are committed to growing Phonics tracker and listening to our community of schools about how we can build something awesome together..

Chris Graham

Primary School Teacher and Founder

Chris has taught at Hedworth Lane Primary School for 14 years. When he is not being a passionate teacher and leading the school football team to league success he is an avid traveller. If you need any travel advice Chris is your man.

Paul McCaffery

Solution Architect and Founder

Paul has been in software development since leaving university 15 years ago. When he isn't working hard at that he loves music, food and capturing his travel memories with his photography.

We want to build something awesome

We couldn't have gotten this far without the help and support of our Phonics community. If you have any ideas of suggestions we are always looking for new features and ways to get children excited about Phonics.