Track with Phonics Tracker.

Explore the different ways in which Phonics Tracker can help you report across your whole year group over different demographics and track progress over the school year.

Track each class.

Across the whole school.
We analyse the results of every assessment and can instantly compare how different groups of children are achieving. Providing senior leaders and inspectors with clear comparison graphs about how children identified as pupil premium are achieving compared to all children will save hours of number crunching at pressure sensitive times.

Track screening check progress.

Identify bands of ability.
The screening check graph groups children by a band of score instead of just on a pass/fail, giving teacher an easy to see overview where children are and how close they are to reaching the required score to pass the check.

Compare classes at each phase.

See where pupils are working.
Our entry comparison graph is a report comparing all entries as a percentage of those working at a particular phase. Need to know how many children are achieving at least 80% of phase 3? Phonics Tracker will answer it instantly across all year groups.