Learn with Phonics Tracker.

Explore the different ways in which Phonics Tracker can help children learn using our tailor worksheet and homework and through our selection of games and class mode.

Tailor your lessons

A personal program of work.
Homework and worksheets can be printed off on a child or class basis and Phonics Tracker will produce an individual sheet of phonemes a child needs to learn to take home and practise. The worksheet activities include decodable words and sentences for the child to complete at home or school using the phonic knowledge they already have.

Help parents get involved.

As an integral part of learning.
Our Homework and worksheets provide outstanding objectives to allow parents to become an integral part of their child’s learning.

Working together as a group.

Incorporate Phonics Tracker into your lessons.
Class mode in Phonics Tracker allows you to work with a group or your whole class practicing with flash cards and preparing for the Phonics Screening Check. It includes helpful hints and sound buttons.

Phonics Games

Learn and play at the same time.
We are building new ways of engaging children through play with our selection of free phonics games.


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