For all the areas of phonics we have you coverered!

Take a look below at all of the areas we offer to capture the different ways in which children recognise and learn reading, speaking and writing.


Assess the child's ability to recognise the grapheme and verbally recount the phoneme.

High Frequency Words

Assess the child's ability to read on-sight words that occur in the English language frequently including common exception words.


Assess the child's ability to recognise and string together graphemes to sound out phonemes to form words.


Assess the child's ability to hear a word and segment the word into it's constituent phonemes.

Phonics Screening Check

Assess the children over all the previous years Phonics Screening Check's as well as many practice tests.


Capture the children's progress in writing of the phonemes across all phases.

Writing HFWs

Capture the children's writing ability over all High Frequency Words.

Assessment Options

All the assessment options and flexibility you need.
Choose to assess by Year Group or Set, choose your pupil, choose your phase, choose the term you wish to record, choose all questions or just outstanding and even choose your font.
Our assessment also allows you to pause and resume tests whenever you wish as well as leave comments against the pupil to monitor common mistakes.

Custom Designed Font

We have designed our own fonts to cater for all needs.
Our assessment page is carefully designed for colour contrasts that support the needs of dyslexic children.
Our font is also carefully designed to follow the British Dyslexia Assossiation guidance.
We also offer a cursive font for schools who teach exclusively with cursive writing.


Read about our comprehensive reporting tools to help you monitor progress and apply targeted interventions.
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