Make your reporting data work for you.

Capturing your assessment data in real-time Phonics Tracker is able to report immediately over all categories and phases by year group and set.

Report by year group or set

Track progress of each child quickly and easily.
Our class reports display every phoneme and every child using a simple tick/cross to show whether a word or sound was pronounced correctly. The coverage of every sound is displayed in a pie chart to show which sounds your class have mastered and which require additional teaching and learning intervention.

Report by Term

Record the Term each objective is achieved and spot trends.
Report per class or per set either overall or by term achieved, viewing gaps in knowledge and identifying areas for interventions and planning.
Identify trends in behaviour. Spot when a childs most recent assessment is trending up or down.

Capture each assessment.

Across school years.
Every time an assessment is completed, a snapshot will be added to a child’s individual progress line graph. This gives a clear indication of how quickly a child is progressing with their phonics knowledge or whether additional teaching and learning is required. Each graph is divided by phase or you can get an overview of all phases together for a more rounded picture.

Reporting Filter

Filter and re-orient the display of your views.
Customise your view to filter and group your reports by Gender, English as an additional language, Pupil Premium, Special Educational Needs or Gifted and Talented.


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